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404 1st St
Cordova, AK, 99574
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We invite you to join the mass migration of Pacific shorebirds, raptors, waterfowl and songbirds.  Their shoreside respite is framed against the pristine backdrop of coastal glaciers and mountains, the breathtaking vista that we call home.  Come armed with your binoculars, spotting scopes, cameras, sketch books and pencils and leave with a heart full of memories.


The Festival

Join us  may 3rd - 6th, 2018

experience the avian aurora. come be inspired ON THE COPPER RIVER DELTA!

Witness the shimmering flocks of millions of shorebirds as they take a short break on the Copper River Delta while passing from their wintering areas across the globe to their breeding grounds in the north.

Join birders, photographers, biologists, conservationists, artists and global citizens for a laid back weekend of birding, hiking, art and MORE in one of the most pristine natural places on earth.

2018 speakers

Dr. Stephen Kress

Dr. Stephen Kress

Puffin preening. Photo by Melissa Groo

Puffin preening. Photo by Melissa Groo

Dr. Stephen Kress - 2018 keynote speaker  

STEPHEN KRESS is Vice-President for Bird Conservation for the National Audubon Society and Director of the Audubon Seabird Restoration Program and Hog Island Audubon Camp.  His career has focused on developing techniques for managing colonial nesting seabirds. In this role, he manages 13 seabird nesting islands in Maine that are home to more than 42,000 seabirds of 23 species including most of Maine’s rare and endangered seabirds.  Hundreds of professional seabird biologists can trace their first interest in seabirds to Stephen Kress’s program- known widely as Project Puffin. Methods first developed in Maine such as chick translocations and social attraction are now standard practice worldwide. Dr. Kress received his Ph.D. from Cornell University and his Master’s and undergraduate degrees from Ohio State University. He is co-author of Project Puffin: The Improbable Quest to Bring a Beloved Seabird Back to Egg Rock and many other books on bird attracting and many scientific papers on seabird conservation.

KEYNOTE ADDRESS - Saving Seabirds: New Lessons from Puffins

Worldwide, about one third of all seabird species are now globally threatened because of effects of invasive predatory mammals, marine pollution, coastal development and effects of global warming are growing concerns. A recent study has shown that 60% of all seabirds have vanished in the last 60 years. Against this grim background , Dr. Kress’s presentation about the restoration of Maine seabirds offers  hope and inspiration that people also have the capacity to bring seabirds back to some of their historic nesting places.  This presentation also includes success stories about people around the world that are working to save seabirds.

Dr. Kress, will also discuss insights into the changing marine climate of the Gulf of Maine as revealed by Maine seabirds such as puffins and terns. His research has shown the connections between warm water, increased rainfall and the plankton blooms that nourish forage fish, seabirds and all other coastal life. These ‘drivers’ of the marine ecosystem affect every stage of the seabird life cycle. He will also share the recent discovery of the previously unknown winter home for puffins- and explain how this discovery helped to establish the new ‘Northeast Canyons and Seamounts National Marine Monument.’


Kate McLaughlin

Kate McLaughlin

other 2018 festival speakers

kate mclaughlin, President, alaska hummingbird project

A resident of Prince William Sound since 1998, Kate McLaughlin is an independent environmental consultant and is the President & Executive Director of Prince William Soundkeeper, a non-profit water quality citizen advocacy organization.  From April – August, Kate runs the Alaska Hummingbird Banding Project, Inc., the northernmost hummingbird banding station in the world.

More Speakers to be announced. Stay tuned!

Listen for yourself! Copper River Delta Shorebird Festival on the air!

Our own Erin Cooper, USFW Biologist, was a guest on KSKA Public Radio talking about the shorebirds, migration and the 2015 festival.  Take a listen:


The great cordova birding challenge - bird here, now!

The 2018 Copper River Delta Shorebird Festival will continue the tradition of hosting a Birding Challenge.  This year’s event will be an 8 hour challenge to be held on Sunday, May 6.  The Challenge is open to anyone, and is meant to be a fun event for all, be you a serious birder, someone willing to learn, or for families.  Teams will begin at 1:00pm and in 8 hours, count as many species by sight and sound as they can.  The event will finish at 9 PM at the Reluctant Fisherman, where teams that are late, will forfeit 1 bird from the lists for every 5 minutes that they are late.  Again, the point of this friendly competition is for everyone to have FUN birding.  In the end, with teams out scouring the brush for a day, some interesting sightings are made every year.  We hope you will participate!

Complete rules and entry form HERE

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